e hënë, 25 qershor 2007


Authorization settings in ASP 2.0 is simplified with the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool feature.
The RoleProvider class is the base class for all role providers. RoleProvider class defines the contract for all ASP.NET 2.0 role providers. The class includes method to create and delete roles, to add and remove users in a role, and to check the role membership for a given user.
If you want to programmatically interact with the role provider, use the Roles class from the System.Web.Security namespace. The static Roles class provides methods and properties that will forward calls to the currently configured role provider
Each role provider retrieves and stores role information from a different data source.
The role providers packaged in System.Web.dll include the SqlRoleProvider, stores roles in a SQL Server database.
The WindowsTokenRoleProvider retrieves role information from a user’s group membership in Windows.
The role manager in ASP.NET is off by default. You can turn on the role manager on the security tab of the web administration tool, which will add the following to the applications’s web.config file.
We can restrict locations of the web application to specific roles using settings in web.config.

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