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ASP.NET Ajax - Ajax extentions framework

Before we take a dip in Ajax Extentions

First download AJAX Extensions 1.0 on the Microsoft site

The download is contained in one Windows installer file; it also includes the Microsoft AJAX Library, which is the core component of using AJAX principles within ASP.NET.

In addition to the Ajax controls now in your developement Studio, you will find a new project type called ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Web Site

Ajax controls packaged are as below

Timer: Allows you to update portions of a page, run server code, or post the entire page to the server at a defined interval.

ScriptManager: The starting point to provide AJAX functionality in an ASP.NET page.

UpdateProgress: Allows you to post status information pertaining to partial-page updates. You may use it when partial updates are slow, so the user gets feedback on the progress.

UpdatePanel: Allows you to perform partial-page updates.

You may only use one ScriptManager control per page but you may use multiple UpdatePanel controls.

The UpdatePanel control offers so many options to easily incorporate AJAX functionality — most notably, partial-page updates — with ease.

I'll be posting a sample application on these soon!!!

Till then happy programming...........

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